Pre-emptive War


Hilton Springfield Hotel, Springfield, Virginia


Executive Summary


Keynote Address

Dr. Jeff McCausland, Dickinson College



An Opening Volley


“Pre-emptive War as a Manifestation of Hegemonic Power: Rome, Britain, and the US”

Dr. Paul F. Robinson, University of Hull


“This is no Petty Case of Right and Wrong”

Colonel Reed R. Bonadonna, USMCR, US Merchant Marine Academy


“Conceptualizing Pre-emptive War in Light of Battered Spouse Self-Defense”

Lieutenant Commander Michael Hallett, USNR, University of Toronto



Pre-emption and the Just War Tradition


“No Justice, No Peace? Pre-emptive, Preventive and Humanitarian Intervention and the Imbalance of Power”

Dr. Vijay Mascarenhas, Metro State College Denver


“Pre-emption, Uncertainty, and Jus ad Bellum

Major Jesse W. Zuck, US Military Academy (paper to be read by Major Michael Jaskowiec)


“Is the Doctrine of Pre-emption a Legitimate Element of the Just War Tradition?”

Dr. Robert G. Kennedy, Saint Thomas University



Before, During and After


“Birth of a Nation: Planning for Regime Change Operations”

Dr. Timothy L. Challans, School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS)


“Obeying Orders Under Duress:  A Proposed Role for Ethics Committees in the Military”

Dr. Jan W. Wojcik, Auburn University


“Warrior Transitions: From Combat to Social Contract”

Dr. Shannon E. French, US Naval Academy



Pre-emptive War:  Some Philosophical Analysis


“What’s in a Word? Getting Clear on What We Mean by ‘Pre-emption’”

Lieutenant Colonel John Mark Mattox, US Army


“What’s Wrong with Pre-emptive War?”

Dr. Whitley R. P. Kaufman, University of Massachusetts-Lowell


“Three Philosophical Difficulties with ‘Pre-emptive War’”

Dr. James Stieb, Drexel University


“Pre-emptive War and the Epistemological Dimension of the Morality of War”

Dr. Randall R. Dipert, University at Buffalo (SUNY)



Some New Thinking About the Profession


“Outsourcing the Profession:  A Look at Military Contractors and their Impact on the Profession of Arms”

Captain Marc O. Hedahl, US Air Force


“Courage as Fearlessness”

Dr. Lawrence A. Lengbeyer, US Naval Academy


“The Pomo O”

Major Mark S. Swiatek, US Air Force


“The Moral Inequality of Professional Officers”

Dr. Roger Wertheimer

Agnes Scott College



JSCOPE Undergraduate Panel


“Defining Just Pre-emption”

Cadet Cassandra Keyes, US Military Academy


“Anticipatory (Pre-emptive) Self-defense: The Need for a Modern Approach”

Cadet Sarah Champion, Royal Military College of Canada


“Hosting Terror: How the Presence of Terror Groups in a State Affects Interstate Relations”

Cadet Jacob M. Brady, US Military Academy



JSCOPE Undergraduate Panel


“Justified Preemption and Extreme Circumstances”

Cadet Ryan K. Stanley, Royal Military College of Canada


“The Anthropic Prohibition on Preemption”

Midshipman Kurt W. Albaugh, US Naval Academy


“Guidelines for Lasting Peace”

Cadet Tony Gregg, US Coast Guard Academy



Pre-emption and Some Issues of Jus in Bello


“Ethics of Detention and Interrogation”

Lieutenant Colonel Tony Pfaff, US Army (paper to be read by Dr. Jeffrey Tiel)


“American Pre-emption and the Moral Prescriptions Within Trinitarian and Nontrinitarian War”

Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Scott Westhusing, US Military Academy (paper to be read by Major Mike Saxon)


“Military Ethicists’ Role in Preventing and Treating Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Syndrome (PITS) in Combat Veterans”

Major Pete Kilner, Pennsylvania State University



Contemporary Applications


“Pragmatism and Preemption: Just War Theory May Not Be the Law, but It Is a Good Idea”

Adam Weinstein, North Broward Preparatory School


“Preventive Intervention”

Dr. Steven Lee, Hobart and William Smith Colleges


“Pre-emption and Just War: Considering the Case of Iraq”

Chaplain (Colonel) Franklin Eric Wester, US Army



More on the Evolving Doctrine of Pre-emption


“The Special (Moral) Circumstances of Preventive War”

Dr. Stephen E. Lammers, Lafayette College


“Humanitarian Intervention as a Pre-emptive Military Action:  Issues to be Addressed

Dr. Joanne K. Lekea, Hellenic Air Force Academy/University of Athens


“Reevaluating the Standing of Statehood in Evaluating Pre-emptive Wars”

Dr. Jeffrey Tiel, Ashland University


“You Say ‘Pre-Emptive’, I Say ‘Precipitive…”

Major Daniel Wetmore, US Air Force



JSCOPE Special Interest Section, Ethics and Intelligence

(Facilitated by the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs)


“Ethical Issues in Intelligence: A Practitioner's Perspective”

Major Troy S. Thomas, US Air Force, Joint Military Intelligence College/School of Advanced Warfare


“Ethics, Intelligence, and Democracy”

Reuben E. Brigity II, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Government & Politics, George Mason University


“The Ethics of Record Keeping in Intelligence”

Lawrence Rockwood, California State University at San Marcos & International Museum of Human Rights at San Diego



Intelligence Ethics Education

Discussion of intelligence ethics education with Prof. Jan Goldman, Joint Military Intelligence College. Sponsored by the Intelligence Ethics Section of JSCOPE.

Moderator: Jean Maria Arrigo, Ph.D.