Anti-Terrorist Operations and Homeland Defense

30-31 Jan 03


Executive Summary


Keynote Address


                        Reverend John Langan, Georgetown University


Jus ad Bellum Under Pressure: Changing Conceptions for a Changed Environment?


“Redefining Just War Criteria in the Post 9-11 World and the Moral Conseqences of Preemptive Strikes”

Captain (USA) Richard C. Anderson, USMA


“Stop Calling it the War on Terrorism:  An Argument for Moral Clarity”

Captain (USAF) Marc O. Hedahl, USAFA


“Deterring Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Energy Weapons Use in the War Against Terrorism:  The Moral Dimension”

Lieutenant Colonel (USA) John Mark Mattox, SHAPE


“Offensive Defense”

Colonel (USAF) James L. Cook, USAFA


Security and Civil Liberties


“Homeland Security and Civil Liberties”

Dr. Erik Wingrove-Haugland, USCGA


“Important Issues for Balancing Security and Freedom”

Major (USAF) Matthew W. Hallgarth, University of Florida


“Harm, Public Health Threats, and the Model State Emergency Powers Act:  Bio-Terror Defense and Civial Liberties”

Dr. Thomas May, Medical College of Wisconsin


“US Northern Command and the Posse Comitatus Act”

Dr. Carlos E. Bertha, USAFA


Assymetric Conflict and the Problem of Innocents


“Murderers, Not Warriors:  The Moral Distinction Between Terrorists and Legitimate Fighters in Assymetric Conflicts”

Dr. Shannon E. French, USNA


“Just War Challenges in Assymetrical Warfare”

Michael B. Skerker, University of Chicago Divinity School


“The Innocent Enemy: Children at War and the Boundaries of Combatancy”

Ms. Betsy Perabo, Yale University


Terrorism, Law Enforcement, and the Rules of Engagement


“Reevaluating the Language of War”

Lieutenant (USCG) Dale K. Bateman, Yale Divinity School


“Taking Terrorism and the ROE Seriously”

Lieutenant Colonel (USA) Ted Wethusing, Emory University


“Just War Theory, Law Enforcement, and Terrorism: A Reflective Equilibrium”

Lieutenant Colonel (USA) Daniel S. Zupan, USMA


The Doctrine of Double Effect


“The Doctrine of Double Effect: Its Relevance to Collateral Damage Cases”

Captain (USA) Christopher T. Mayer, USMA


“Distinguishing Terrorism from Collateral Damage:  What Is the Scope of Civilian Immunity?”

Dr. Whitley Kaufman, University of Massachusetts—Lowell


Jus in Bello under Pressure: Attacking Civilians?


“Reaping the Whirlwind: Terrorism, Supreme Emergency, and the Abandonment of Jus in Bello Restrictions on Attacking Enemy Civilians”

Dr. Davida E. Kellogg, University of Maine


“Noncombatant Immunity and the War on Terror”

Major (USA) Tony Pfaff, Joint Intelligence Directorate


Banquet Address


Colonel (USA) Anthony E. Hartle, USMA


Torture in Questioning Terrorists


“Can Interrogatory Torture Be Morally Legitimate?”

Dr. Robert G. Kennedy, University of St. Thomas


“Prohibiting Torture Interrogation of Terorists: A Theory of Exceptions (With Notes, Warnings, and Cautions)”

Major (USAF) William D. Casebeer, USAFA


“A Consequentialist Argument Against Torture Interrogation of Terrorists”

Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities


Moral Restraint: Lessons from History and Literature


“‘This is No Case of Petty Right or Wrong’: the Supra-Ethical in Wartime”

Lieutentant Commander (USMS) Reed Robert Bonadonna, USMMA


“Military Necessity and Military Victory Unjustly Won: Algiers 1957”

Mr. Walter A. Schrepel, Analyst, Northrop-Grumman Information Technology


Terrorism and the Moral Equality of Soldiers


“Invincible Ignorance”

Dr. Richard Schoonhoven, USMA


“An Analysis and Application of the Moral Equality of Soldiers”

Chaplain (Major, USA) Scott A. Sterling, US Army Chaplain Center and School


Terrorists as POWs:  Moral Issues


“Nothing New in Guantanamo Bay: Precedent and 'Prisoners of War'”

Dr. Pauline M. Kaurin, Pacific Lutheran University


“Walzer and the Idea of an Unlawful Combatant”

Major (USA) Ted H. Reich, USMA


“The POW in a Time of Terrorism: An Investigation into Moral Status”

Captain (USA) Michael W. Brough, USMA


Problems at the Intersection of the Legal and the Moral


“Military Tribunals and Military Justice Jurisdiction--Forums at the Intersection of War and Justice”

Tara M. Lee, Adjunct Professor, University of California-Davis School of Law


Freedom Fighters, Terrorists, Lawful Combatants: The Violent Quest for Moral Certainty and Social Change

Dr. Th. (Ted) A. van Baarda, Netherlands Defence College


“The Appropriate Response to the Targeting of Civilians for a Military Purpose”

Cadet (USA) Margot Alexander, USMA


“Silence and the System in a Time of Terror”

Chaplain (Commander, USN) Charlotte E. Hunter, US Navy Chaplain Corps