2010 ISME Program

January 26-29, 2010  University of San Diego

“Ethics and Irregular Warfare”

Tues 26 January

1730 (5:30 pm)  James B. Stockdale Symposium reception at the University of San Diego, Courtyard adjacent to the Shiley Theater.

1900 (7:00 pm)  James B.  Stockdale Symposium address by BG H.R. McMaster, Shiley Theater.

Wed 27 January

0800 (8 am)         ISME Registration/Refreshments, Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Sala

0845 (8:45 am)   Welcome and Overview of Program, ISME Program Chair, Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Warren Auditorium

0900 (9 am)         Keynote Address, Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Warren Auditorium

                                David Rodin, Law of Armed Conflict Project, Oxford University

                                “Ethical Challenges of Irregular Warfare”


1015 (10:15 am) Break


10:30 (10:30 am) Plenary Panel:  “Ethics Education and IW, ” Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Warren Auditorium

                                                H.R. McMaster, Martin L. Cook, Paul Robinson, James Connelly


1245 (12:45 pm)  Lunch break (no host)


1430-1600 (2:30-4 pm)   Concurrent sessions      

What do we Mean by IW?

Chair:  George Lucas, USNA

“Doing More with More: the Ethics of Counterinsurgency” Rebecca Johnson (Marine Corps University)

“What Do we Mean by ‘Irregular Warfare’?” Michael Robillard (Univ of Victoria)

Location: Warren Auditorium, First Floor

Non-combatant Immunity

Chair:  Franklin Mark Osanka, Independent Scholar

“Liability and Moral Fault: Legitimate Use of Force” Bernhard Koch (Institute for Theology and Peace, Hamburg)

“The Goldstone Report & the Gaza War: Just War vs Human Rights,” Howard Adelman (York University)

Location: Executive Classroom, Room 102

Virtues & Intentionality in IW

Chair:  Patrick Mileham, U.K. Defence Academy

“The Politics of Courage and Asymmetrical Warfare,” Pauline Kaurin, Pacific Lutheran Univ

“Utility and Intentionality,” Capt. Willie Caudill, USAFA

Location: Reading Room, 2nd Floor, overlooking the Sala


1600 (4 pm)        Annual ISME Business Meeting (approx. 30 minutes), Warren Auditorium, First Floor

1830-2030 (6:30-8:30 pm) ISME Banquet, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, Salon D

Presiding:            Col Jeff McCausland, USA (retired), Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

                Keynote Speaker:  LtGen John R. Allen, USMC, Deputy Commander, U.S. Central Command

Thurs 28 January

0900-1045 (9 am-10:45 am) Concurrent Sessions

Changing the Rules for IW

Chair:  Capt Kelley McPherson, USAFA

Robert Kennedy (Univ of St. Thomas), “Who may be Attacked in War?”

Asa Kasher (Tel Aviv Univ), “The Dignity of Persons in Uniform”

Location: Warren Auditorium, First Floor

IW: Weapons and Tactics in IW

Chair:  LtCol Ed Barrett, USAFR and Stockdale Center, USNA

Col John Mark Mattox (US Army Defense Nuclear Weapons School), “Nuclear Weapons: the Other Extreme of IW”

Bradley  Jay Strawser (Univ of Connecticut), “UAVs as Ethically Obligatory”

Randall Dipert (Univ of Buffalo) “The Ethics of Cyberwarfare”

Location: Executive Classroom, Room 102

COIN and the “Ethics of Care”

Chair:  CAPT Elizabeth Holmes, USN (retired)/Stockdale Center

Geoffroy Murat (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales), “Military Ethics & the Ethics of Care”

Daniel H. Levine (Univ of Maryland), “Care and Counterinsurgency”

Location: Reading Room, 2nd Floor, overlooking the Sala


1030-1100 (10:30-11:00 am)         Break

1100-1230 (11:00 am - 12:30 pm) Concurrent Sessions

Noncombatants and Detainees

Chair: David Perry, Davidson College

John Lango (Hunter College, CUNY), “Force Protection and Noncombatant Immunity”

Michael Skerker (U.S. Naval Academy), “Detainees and Interrogation during IW”

Location: Warren Auditorium, First Floor

Jus ante Bellum: Preparing for IW

Chair:  Stephen Coleman, Australian Defense Force Academy

Harry van der Linden (Butler Univ) , “Just Military Preparedness and IW”

LtCol David M Barnes, US Army (Univ of Colorado), “May Private Security Companies be Integrated into Counterinsurgency Operations?”

Location: Executive Classroom, Room 102

Culture and Ethics in IW

Chair:   Maj. Larry Dabeck (US Army CGSC-Ft Leavenworth)

Breena Coates (CSUSB) and Col. Jeffrey Caton, “Kautilya’s Philosophy on  SMART Power for Competitive Advantage”

Holly Senatore, "Bushido: The Valor of Deceit"

Location: Reading Room, 2nd Floor, overlooking the Sala



1230-1400 (12:30 - 2 pm)   Lunch

1400-1545 (2-3:45 pm)     Concurrent Sessions

Legal Challenges of IW

Chair:  BGEN Richard O'Meara (U.S. Army, retired), Rutgers University

Col. Tom McShane (US Army CGSC-GA), “Legal Challenges in IW”

J. Steven Shi (Univ of GA),  USMC Law of War Training Program and IW”

Location: Warren Auditorium, First Floor

The Responsibility to Protect (R2P)


Maj. Matt Hallgarth (USAF, retired; Tarleton State Univ), “The Moral Implications of R2P”

Steven Trijsburg (Univ of Amsterdam), “Prospects for Future Effectiveness of R2P”

Location: Executive Classroom, Room 102

IW and Social Science

Chair: Prof. Patricia J. Cook, Naval Postgraduate School

“Anthropologists and Psychologists as Force Multipliers in GWOT”

Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban (Rhode Island College), and Jean Marie Arrigo (Project on Ethics and Art)

Location: Reading Room, 2nd Floor, Overlooking the Sala


1545-1600 (3:45-4 pm)   Break


1600-1745 (4-5:45 pm)   Concluding ISME Sessions

IW, Ethics & Leadership

Chair: LCDR Maurice A. Buford, Marine Corps University Quantico

Peter Bradley (Royal Military College/Kingston), “Military Culture(s) and Ethical Decision Making”

James Weber and Virginia Gerde (Duquesne University), “Organizational Influences on Individual Ethical Decision Making”

Stefan Seiler, et alia (Swiss Military Academy), “An Interactional Dual-Process Model of Moral Decision-Making”

Location: Warren Auditorium, First Floor

Ethics & Professional Military Education (PME)


Roderick T. Long (Auburn Univ), “Asymmetric Warfare, Asymetric Obligations?”

CAPT Tom Grassey (USNR, retired), “Professional Military Ethics: the Bad News”

Location: Executive Classroom, Room 102

IW, Terrorism and Counterterrorism


George Clifford, Naval Postgraduate School, “A Law Enforcement Model of IW”

Maj. Harry H. Jones (US Army; Univ of Virginia) “Torture, Terrorists and Natural Rights”

Location: Reading Room, 2nd Floor, Overlooking the Sala



1800 (6 pm)        Night in Old Town San Diego (no-host)


Friday 29 January

0800-1100 (8-11 am)       Stockdale seminar on Ethics Instruction (Martin L. Cook)

                                                Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Executive Classroom, Room 102