JSCOPE 98 (XX), January 1998

Ethics and Leadership During Organizational Change

Welcome--LTG Richard A. Chilcoat President, National Defense University

Keynote Address--GEN Barry McCaffrey, USA (Ret) Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy

"Empathy, Respect, and Humanitarian Intervention,"  Dr. Nancy Sherman, United States Naval Academy

 "Ordinary Sense and Understanding," Dr. James H. Toner, USAF Air War College Chair: COL Tony Hartle

Moderator's Remarks: GEN William Richardson, USA (Ret)

"Building Unbreakable Units,"  LT COL Richard Hooker, USA, Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

"Cohesion, Confidence, Command Climate: Keys to Preventing Psychological and Moral Injury in Military Service," Dr. Jonathan Shay

"Responsible Use of Force," LCDR Donald E. Koenig, Jr., USN
Chair: LTC Bill Kellner

"Unit Cohesion and Organizational Change," Dr. David W. Lutz, St. Thomas

"Practical Steps to Character Development," Col Mark Hyatt, USAFA
LTC R. Thomas Birght, USMC

"Ethics Teaching Across the Curriculum: Some Principles and Methods for Higher Education," Maj William Rhodes, USAFA

 "Women, Sex, and the Military," Dr. Jeffrey P. Whitman, Susquehanna
Chair: Dr. Fran Harbour

"The Tragedy of Kelly Flinn," Dr. Davida Kellogg, University of Maine

"Organizational Change and the New Technologies of War," Col Charles Dunlap, USAF, United States Strategic Command

"Virtue Ethics and Leadership," CPT(P) Charles A. Pfaff, USA

"What We Do In Private," Dr. Manuel Davenport, Texas A&M University

"Puritanism in Ethics: Or Some Speculations on How Not to Teach Ethics to the Military," Dr. Nicholas Fotion, Emory University

"Are Military Professionals Bound by a Higher Moral Standard?" Maj J. Carl Ficarrotta, USAFA

"Crisis and Change," Peter S. Bowen

"The End of War and the Need for Ethics," Dr. Erik Wingrove-Haugland, US Coast Guard Academy

"Call to Higher Duty," Gordon L. Campbell, US Army Logistics Management College

"A Common Professional Ethic," Dr. Antje Mays, The Citadel