General Information on the January Conference


Executive Summary


The Domestic Role of the Military


Keynote Address  

LTG John P. Abizaid, Director, Strategic Plans and Policies, JCS



Using Military Force at Home


"Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic"

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rauch, USMA


"The Domestic Role of the National Guard and Reserves"

Brigadier General Harold Nevin, Wisconsin Army National Guard and Dr. Carlos Bertha, USAFA


"The Ethical Challenges Resulting from the Domestic Roles of the Dutch Armed Forces"

Lieutenant Colonel (Dr.) Erhan Tanercan, Prof. Dr. A.H.M. (Fred) van Iersel, and Dr. Desiree Verweij, Tilburg University and Netherlands College



Evolving Challenges for the Just War Tradition


“A Platonic Justification of International Humanitarian Intervention”

Captain Mike Purcell, USMC


“Centers of Gravity: A New Ethical Decision Point for Just War Theory”

Captain Maxwell Thibodeaux, USMA


Panel on "Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities"


Some Comments on Intent

Dr. Joy Gordon, Fairfield University


The Ethics of the Document & Responsibility

Dr. Thomas J. Nagy, George Washington University



A Civil-Military Gap?


The Siege: Facing the Military-Civilian Culture Chasm”

Dr. Pauline Kaurin, Pacific Lutheran University


“News From the Front: The Soldier as Cultural Icon”

Lieutenant Colonel Reed Bonadonna, USMCR


“The Purported Civil-Military Values Gap: Norms Vs. Ideals”

Captain Peter G. Kilner, USMA



More on the Evolving Just War Tradition


“Reconciling Civilian and Military Views on the Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence”

Cadet First Class Kima Megorden, USAFA


“Human Rights, New Technology and the Just War Tradition”

Captain Daniel Wetmore, USAFA


“Moral Hazards and Other Limits in the Strategic Defense of the Homeland: the Case of GNR Technologies and their Potentially Self-Sabotaging Confluence”

Dr. Robert Hickson  



More on the Widening Gap: Some Philosophical Exploration


“Citizenship: A Lockean Solution to the Civilian/Military Values Gap”

Dr. Jeffrey R. Tiel, Ashland University


“Does the Military Still Fit in Contemporary Culture? Some Classic Insights on a Modern Problem”

Dr. Robert Kennedy, University of St. Thomas  


“Soldier and Society: On the Domestic Importance of Being Valiant”

Dr. Christian Stadler, University of Vienna



Banquet Address


Dr. Albert C. Pierce, Chair, Center for the Study of Professional Military Ethics, USNA 



The Military Tackles a Domestic Issue


“The Military as a Role Model for Religious Pluralism and First Amendment Practice”

Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Herbert B. Strange, US Army Logistics Management College



Insiders and Outsiders


“A Pilot Workshop on the Ethics of Political and Military Intelligence for Insiders and Outsiders”

Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo, University of Virginia  


“The Role of the Press in Exacerbating Military-Civilian Mutual Understanding”

Dr. Davida Kellogg, University of Maine  



Developing Moral Awareness at Two Military Academies


“Developing Awareness of Professional Military Ethics at the Chinese Naval Academy in Taiwan”

Wei-Lee Lu, Fon-Yean Chang1, Sheng-Te Chang, Tien-Hsing Yang, Chin-Ping Wang, Jong-Yun Hao, Chih-Hung Li and Tung-po Chen, Chinese Naval Academy-Taiwan


“Moral Awareness”

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Challans and Major Dave Hater, USMA  



Critical Reflections on Military Character


“Professional or Bureaucrat: A Meditation on the Military at the Turn of the Millennium”

Major (ret) The Rev. Arthur E. Gans, CD, MTh  


“The Virtue of Obedience: Military Training and Autonomy”

Captain Christopher Yalanis, USAFA  


“Military Minds: An Ethical Critique of Huntington’s Model of Military Professionalism”

Amelia Simpson and Lawrence Rockwood, co-authors, Lawrence Rockwood, presenter