“Military Education and Moral Development”

“Citizen Responsibility and National Defense”


*Note:  beginning January, 2006, JSCOPE will change its official title to “International Symposium for Military Ethics ”




Opening Keynote Address:


Fighting Well: Considering the Civilian

Dr. Sarah Sewall, Carr Center for Human Rights (Harvard University)



Military Education and Moral Development: “Jus in Res Militare


“Sucking it Up:  the Proper Role of Emotions in the Education of Warriors” – A Dialogue


Dr. Jonathan Shay, United States Department of Veterans Affairs (Boston)

Dr. Nancy Sherman, Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University



Military Education and Moral Development


“Teaching Military Ethics to Non-Commissioned Officers”, E.M. Wortel, Faculty of Military Sciences, The Netherlands Defense College

“Right Might: The Importance of Ethical Skill to the Joint Warfighter,” Maj John F. Price, Jr.

“Recruit Abuse,” LCDR Tom Creely, USN (Chaplain, USMC, retired), Beaufort, SC



Panel Discussion of New Directions in Just War Discourse

Topic:  “The Moral (In)equality of Combatants”


Prof. Jeff MacMahon

Dr. Roger Wertheimer

COL Dan Zupan




Citizen Responsibility and National Defense:  The Nature of Dissent


“Dissent in a Time of War,”  Prof Bat Ami Bar-on, SUNY/Binghamton

“Soldiers, Citizens, and Unjust Wars:  Citizen Response to Military members engaged in unjustified combat,” Major Mark Hedahl

“Academic Freedom, Campus Free Speech, and Times of Needed Citizen Support,”  Prof. Thomas R. O’Connor, North Carolina Wesleyan College



New Directions in Just War Discourse


“Co-opting Lawfare as a Strategy in the War on Terrorism,” Prof. Davida Kellogg, Univ. of Maine

“Last Resort and Coercive Threats,” Prof.  John Lango, Hunter College/CUNY

“The Nature of a Threat,” Prof Stephen Kershnar,” SUNY/Fredonia



Banquet Presentation:


“So What?  The (Ir)relevance of Just War Doctrine to the Education of Modern Warriors”

Reuben E. Brigety II, Assistant Professor of Government and Politics, Department of Public and International Affairs, George Mason University



Military Education and Moral Development


“Identity, Loyalty, and Combat Effectiveness,” Prof. Pauline M. Kaurin, Pacific Lutheran University

“Overcoming the Moral Dilemma of an Unjust War: A Junior Officer’s Perspective,” Captain Abraham Osborn & Captain Michael Robillard, USA

“Human Trafficking,” Lt Col Karen M. Thoms, USMA



Military Ethics, Strategy, and Game Theory


“Quantitative Military Ethics,”  Dr. Joanne K. Lekea, Hellenic Airforce Academy and George K. Lekeas, University of London

“Strategies, Rationality, and the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma,” Prof. Randall Dipert, SUNY-Buffalo

“Emerging Doctrine and the Ethics of Warfare,” LTC Tim Challans, USA (retired)



Student Panel, Citizen Responsibility and National Defense


“Playing by the Rules:  Must State Actors constrain themselves to Operating within the Law when Countering Terrorism?”  CDT Richard Kimmens, Cambridge University

“Down with Conscription,” CDT Jackie L. Chang, USMA

“Contracting War: the Morality and Ethics of Private Military Forces in Iraq,” CDT Tom Berry, USMA



Panel Discussion: Authors Meet Critics

Theme: The Role of Core Texts Military Education and Moral Development


THE ETHICS OF WAR:  CLASSICAL AND CONTEMPORARY READINGS, Gregory M. Reichberg, Henrik Syse, and Endre Begby, eds. (Blackwell, 2005)




Prof. J. Carl Ficarrotta, U.S. Air Force Academy

Maj. William D. Casebeer (USAF, Ph.D) Naval Postgraduate School & Carr Center Project Fellow, JFK School of Gov't, Harvard University

Prof. David Garren, U.S. Naval Academy



Gregory Reichberg, Peace Research Institute Oslo

Henrik Syse, Peace Research Institute Oslo



Special Session:

Intelligence and Ethics (for more info visit http://bismarck.sdsu.edu/peat/ethics/2006/index.html)