JSCOPE 99 (XXI), 28-29 January 1999



 COL Anthony E. Hartle
 Chair, JSCOPE Executive Board

 Keynote Address
 The Honorable Louis Caldera
 Secretary of the Army

 Ancient Wisdom and Today's Core Values

  Dr. James H. Toner, USAF Air War College,
     "Temperance and the Profession of Arms"
  MAJ Mark Mattox, USA
     "Fifth Century Advice for 21st Century Leaders"

 Core Values:  Pro and Con

  Dr. Manuel Davenport, Texas A&M University
     "The Implementation of Core Values:  The USMC Experience"
  Mr. Peter Bowen, The Sangreal Group
      "Beyond Core Values"
  Dr. Thomas J. Nagy, George Washington University
       "Please Refute:  The Military Core Values Movement is a Tool
          for Evading the Laws of Land Warfare"

 Core Values & Honor Training at the Service Academies

    MIDN 1/C Dave Ostwind, USNA
    MIDN 1/C Dunlap, USNA
      "The Honor Concept of the U.S. Naval Academy"
    Dr. Frank J. Mabry, Jr., USMA
    CDR Patrick Kelly, USCGA
    COL Mark Hyatt, USAFA
    C1C Joel Nelson, USAFA
    Additional Material: "Information Paper on Character Development at West Point"
    Chair:  LTC John Cunnings, USMC

Core Values Education

   Dr. Edith Alexander, AFIS &
   Ms. Dianne Jeffries, AFIS
      "Public Affairs & Visual Information: A Review of Ethics Training
          at the Defense Information School"
   LCDR Gary Carr, USN
      "A Core Values Academy"
   LTC Willem H. Heijster, Royal Netherlands Military Academy
        "Core Values, the Development of an Ethical Decision-Making Model
        and the Call for an Ethical Standards Committee in the Royal Netherlands Army"
   LTC Reed R. Bonadonna, USMCR
      "Doing Military Ethics with War Literature"
   Dr. Pauline M. Kaurin, Pacific Lutheran University
      "A Question of Loyalty:  Two Rival Versions of  Moral Education in the Military"

Panel:  Threats to Core Values

   CAPT Charles Harris, USCG (Ret)
       "Organizational Factors Contributing to Career Fear and their Consequences"
   CDR(CH) Robert Feinberg, USN
      "Building Trust in an Atmosphere of Career Fear"
   COL John Lewis, Director, Center for Army Leadership
      "Education for Ethical Behaviour in Time of Career Fear"
    LTC William Bell, USA
       "The Impact of Policies on Organizational Values and Culture"
       "Risk Aversion in the US Army Officer Corps"
   Dr. James Barry, former faculty member,USNA
       "The Origin of the Career Fear Problem"
   Chair: Dr. Davida Kellogg, University of Maine
       "Career Fear: A Worm in the Core of American Military Values"

 Banquet Address:  LTG Richard A. Chilcoat, President, National Defense University

Core Values:  Promises and Limits

   CAPT Arnold Resnicoff, CHC, USN
       "The Core Values Movement Falls Short"
   MAJ Charles A. Pfaff, USMA
      "Core Values: The Problems of Justification and Motivation"
   LTC Timothy Challans, USMA
      "Theory in Practice:  The Possibility of a Professional Ethic"

Foundations for Core Values

  Chaplain, LTC, Ken J. Stavrevsky, USAF
     "A Spiritual Foundation for Air Force Core Values"
  Dr. Jeffrey Tiel, Ashland University
     "Virtue Ethics & Core Values"
  Mr. Neal J. Pollock, Department of the Navy,
      "Ethics, Morality and Civilization"
  Dr. Eric Wingrove-Haugland, USCGA
    "The Foundations of the Core Values in Western Ethical Theories"

 Core Values Assessment

    LTC William H. Rhodes, USAFA
       "The Core Values Movement & Organizational Assessment:
          An Unholy Union?"
    CDR Patrick Kelly, USCGA
       "Core Values Assessment in the Coast Guard"

Core Values and Character

    COL Charles R. Brower IV, USMA
        "George C. Marshall:  A Study in Character"
    CPT Carlos Bertha, Univ. of South Florida,
        "The Heroism of Long-Term Military Service"