Title: Are Reinterpretations of Combatant, Non-Combatant Relations Needed by

Military Forces Acting in an Occupational Setting?


Author:  MIDN Tyson B. Meadors, USN.


Summary:  This paper considers several factors that make military situations such as the current occupation of Iraq different from traditional military operations and considers what effects these differences may or should have on combatant/non-combatant relations.  Two key elements are argued concerning the inadequacy of traditional double-effect doctrine and the necessity of occupational operations to be conducted as expediently as possible.  The author proposes considering a new perspective on the effects of non-combatant casualties (called “triple-effect”) as well as a suggestion on what operational changes may need to be considered when working for success in nation building occupations. 


Contact:  MIDN Tyson B. Meadors