2012 ISME Program

January 24-27, 2012   University of San Diego

"Civil-Military Relations & Social Issues in the Military"


Tues 24 January

1830-2030       Annual ISME Banquet. Speaker:  Al Pierce, NDU.


Wed 25 January

0800    ISME Registration/Refreshments, Rosalie Hill Hall Sala

0845    Welcome and Overview of Program, George Reed, Richard Schoonhoven, Warren Auditorium

0900    Keynote Address:  COL Gary A. Packard, Jr., USAFA. "How Should Service Academies and the Military Be Involved in Social Policy Debates?  Lessons Learned from the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal"

Warren Auditorium, 116

10:15   Break

10:30   Plenary Panel:  "Ethical Conflicts in Military-Media Relations," Warren Auditorium, 116

Michael Parkinson :      Professor, College of Mass Communications, Texas Tech University

John Schmeltzer :         Engleman/Livermore Professor in Community Journalism, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma

Shannon Bowen :         Associate Professor, S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University

Kenneth Plowman :      Associate Professor, Department of Communications, Brigham Young University

 Robert Pritchard :         Instructor and Agency Adviser, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma

Maj Mark Swiatek :       (Moderator) Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, USAFA


12:45   Lunch break (no host)



1430-1600       Concurrent sessions  

Civil Rights

Warren Auditorium 116

Chair:  Deonna Neal

Jordy Rochelau, "Strategic Abrogation of Civil Rights: Toward an Ethics of Non-lethal Rights Infringement from 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' to Relocation and Censorship"

Jonathan Trerise, "Just Espionage, Privacy, and Citizenship"

Craig V. VanSandt, "Penultimate Utopia: The Professional Military Ethic and Political Dissent from a Civilian's Perspective"

Civil-Military Relations

 Executive Classroom 102

Chair: TBD

Pauline Kaurin, "'Mission Accomplished': Military/Civilian Relations after 9/11"

Emmanuel Goffi, "Intersubjectivity in Civil-Military Relations and the Need for Recognition"

Epistemic Considerations in Jus in Bello

Reading Room, 204

Chair: TBD

Bradley J. Strawser, "Evidence-Relative Wrongs and Liability to Be Killed in War"

Danny Cazier, "Schizophrenia in Our Just War Thinking"



1600-1630       Annual ISME Business Meeting, Bill Rhodes, Warren Auditorium 116

STOCKDALE SYMPOSIUM - Martin Cook, "Reflections on the Stockdale Legacy"

Thurs 26 January

0900-10:30      Concurrent Sessions

Panel: Assessing the Lifeblood of the Civil-Military Relationship: Four Perspectives on Trust from the Army's Profession of Arms Campaign

Warren Auditorium

Charles D. Allen, "The Army Profession: Trust is First"

Don Snider & Mark Fairbrother, "If Competence is a Moral Imperative, What is the State of the Army's Certifications of Its Professionals?"

Peter Jennings, "Re-Thinking the Culture Gap Thesis: How Military Service During Time of War May Be Creating a 'Greatest Generation' of Americans?

Majors Chris Case and Bob Underwood, "Virtuous Dupes: Is Character the Answer to Trust?"

Jus ad Bellum Considerations

Executive Classroom, 102

Chair: Randy Dipert

Cora Sol Goldstein, "JWT and Democritization by Force: Two Incompatible Agendas"

Thomas W. McShane, "In Search of the Good War: Just War and Realpolitik in Our Time

Félix Blanc, "Words Without Swords: Threat and Aggression"

The Chaplaincy

 Reading Room, 204

Chair: TBD

Carlos Bertha, "Civilian Contractors: A New Direction for the Chaplaincy?"

Kenneth R. Williams on Religious Liberty and DOD Policy


10:30-11          Break

11-12:30          Concurrent Sessions

The Moral Equality of Combatants and Permissible Killing in War

Warren Auditorium

Chair: Ed Barrett

Melissa Bergeron, "Sovereignty, the Social Contract, and the Moral Equality of Combatants"

Michael Skerker, "An Empirical Re-Framing of the Combatant Moral Equality Question"

Ian Fishback, "Permissible Killing in Common Defense?

The Military and the Media

Executive Classroom 102

Chair: TBD

Andy Bridges, "War Journalism: A Brief History and Analysis of Embedding"

Jeffrey D. McCausland, "Military and the Media"

Challenges to Civil-Military Relations

Reading Room, 204

Chair: TBD

Oak DeBerg, "The Military's Relationship with the People of the United States Is Failing: A Possible Explanation"

Nolen Gertz, "Duties, Distinctions, and the Dangers to Civil-Military Relations"



12:30-1400      Lunch

1400-1530       Concurrent Sessions

Civil-Military Obligations

Warren Auditorium

Chair: TBD:

Rebecca J. Johnson, "The Covenant: What America Owes Its Warriors"

Erin B. Lunday, "A New Kind of Draft: Are We Obligating Civilian Support to the Army?"

David Whetham on the Wootton-Bassett Effect


Civil-Military Relations and the War in Afghanistan

Executive Classroom 102

Chair: Dan Zupan

James Cook, "Civil-Multi-Military Relations Gone Awry"

Peter Olsthoorn, "Civil-Military Relations: How Public Opinion and the Political Decision-Making Process Affects Troops Dispatched to Afghanistan"

Social Change and the Military

Reading Room 204

Chair: TBD

Neil Parker, " The Canadian Forces and the Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships: A Study in Civilian-Military Relations and Social Issues"

Sara E. Ferry, "Precursor to Progress: The Military's Influence on Social Change in the US"


1530-1545                   Break

1545-1630                   Euro-ISME Delegation Presentation

1630-1800                   Concluding ISME Sessions

Issues in Just War Theory

Warren Auditorium

Chair: Mark Mattox

Graham Parsons, "The Incoherence of Walzer's Just War Theory"

Ned Dobos, "The Idea of Double Intention and In Bello Asymmetry"

Stephen Coleman, "Reconsidering the Supreme Emergency Argument"

New Challenges for the Just War Tradition

Executive Classroom 102

Chair: TBD

John Lango, "The Ethics of Targeted Military Operations: The Case of Armed Humanitarian Intervention by NATO in Libya"

Hadassa A. Noorda, "Non-State Actors as Legitimate Authorities in War"

Shannon B. Ford, "The Problem of Justifying the State's Use of Lethal Force in Hard Cases"

Non-Traditional Combatants

Reading Room 204

Chair: TBD

Mark N. Jensen, "A Rawlsian Approach to Women in Combat"

Mark Zelcer, "Minuteman and Warrior: Ethics at the Intersection"



1800                Night in Old Town San Diego

Friday 27 January

0800                Stockdale seminar on Ethics Instruction, James Cook, Executive Classroom 102