2011 ISME Program

January 25-28, 2011  University of San Diego

“The Ethics of Emerging Military Technologies”


Tues 25 January

1730 Annual Stockdale Symposium at USD Reception

1830 Annual Stockdale Symposium at USD, Admiral Leon A. "Bud" Edney, Shiley Theater

Wed 26 January

0800       ISME Registration/Refreshments, Rosalie Hill Hall Sala

0845       Welcome and Overview of Program, George Reed, Richard Schoonhoven, Warren Auditorium

0900       Keynote Address "The Sociotechnical Promises & Pitfalls of Unmanned Vehicle Warfare," by Dr. Missy Cummings, MIT, Warren Auditorium, 116

1015     Break

1030     Plenary Panel:  “Ethics and Emerging Technologies: An Overview,” Warren Auditorium, 116

Executive Summary of the 2010 McCain Conference at USNA on emerging technologies, Ed Barrett and George Lucas

Plenary Panel Presentation: “Ethics on the Edge:  Emerging Military Technologies and the Just War Tradition,” by Emerging Technologies of National Security and Intelligence (ETNSI) working group at the University of Notre Dame. 

Introduction of Panelists by:  Major General Robert Latiff, PhD, USAF (Retired), Visiting Scholar at the Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values at the University of Notre Dame and co-founder of ETNSI.

ETNSI Panelists (in order of presentation)

Do Weapons Matter? An Ethical and Practical Evaluation of Weapons Systems.” By Dan Lindley, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the Notre Dame International Security Program.

“Cyberwarfare and its Challenges to the Laws of Armed Conflict” by Don Howard, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the History of Philosophy of Science Program at the University of Notre Dame.

“Enhancing our Soldiers: Psychopharmacological Interventions and the Just War Tradition,” by Gerald McKenny, PhD, Associate Professor of Ethics and the Director of the Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values at the University of Notre Dame.

“In Defense of Humanity: Why Lethal Decision-making Should Not be Delegated to Machines,” by Deonna Neal, PhD (Notre Dame),Visiting Professor in the Lyon Chair of Professional Ethics at the US Air Force Academy.


1245     Lunch break (no host)


1430-1600            Concurrent sessions      

Robotics & Risks, Warren Auditorium 116

Chair:  TBD

Martin Cook on Ethics and Unmanned Vehicles

Peter Olsthoorn & Lambèr Royakkers on Risks and Robots

South Sudan Independence ,
Executive Classroom 102

Chair: TBD

John Lango on Contingency Planning About Just Armed Intervention

Harry van der Linden on Just Military 
Preparedness: A Reply to Lango from the
Perspective of Just Military Preparedness


Emerging Technologies and Treaties, Reading Room, 204

Chair: TBD

Christopher Mayer on Selfless Service

Stephen Kershnar on Should the U.S. Be Grateful to Veterans?



1600-1630            Annual ISME Business Meeting, Bill Rhodes, Warren Auditorium 116

1630-1830            PT/Break

1830-2030            Annual ISME Banquet Speaker:  TBD, Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, Salon C-D


Thurs 27 January

0900-1030          Concurrent Sessions

Risk & Responsibility, Warren Auditorium, 116

Chair: Robert Schoultz

George Lucas on Industrial Challenges of Military Robotics

Emmanuel Goffi on Ethics and Technology in Modern Warfare

Moral Resilience, Executive Classroom, 102

Chair: Michael Duffy

Rebecca Johnson on Fostering Moral Resilience

Eric Wester on Soldier Spirituality in a Combat Zone

Service and Gratitude, Reading Room, 204

Chair: David Barnes

Bradley Strawser on the Offensive/Defensive Distinction

Matthew Hallgarth on Answering Strawser



10-30-11 00               Break

1100-1230               Concurrent Sessions

Cyberwarfare Panel, Warren Auditorium 116

Randall Dipert on Cyberwarfare

Patricia Steck on Cyberwarfare and Non-combatant Immunity

James Cook on Cyberwarfare

Technology & Credibility, Executive Classroom 102

Chair: Al Pierce

David Whetham on Remote Killing and Drive-By Wars

Geoffroy Murat on The Counterproductivity of Robots

Jus ad Bellum & Jus in Bello, Reading Room, 204

Chair: Daniel Zupan

Jordy Rochelau on Liability and Just Cause

David Perry on Battlefield Euthanasia


1230-1400          Lunch

1400-1530            Concurrent Sessions

Bioenhancement & Biometrics, Warren Auditorium 116

Chair: TBD:

Maxwell Mehlman on Bio-enhanced Warfighters

Mark  Swiatek on Employing Tactical, Non-cooperative Biometrics

Unintended Consequences, Executive Classroom 102

Chair: Patricia Steck

Patrick Lin on Military Blowback

Stephen Coleman on Discrimination and Non-lethal Weapons

Ante & Post Bellum Justice, Reading Room 204

Chair: TBD

Tyson Meadors on Using Video Games to Teach Just War

David Barnes on An Argument for Combatant Moral Equality


1530-1545                            Break

1545-1600                            ISME Business Meeting, Warren Auditorium 116

1600-1730                            Concluding ISME Sessions

Threats Old & New, Warren Auditorium

Chair: TBD

Mark Mattox on The Moral Dimensions of the EMP Threat

Fritz Allhoff on Nanotechnology and the Military

The Costs of Automated Warfare, Executive Classroom

Chair: TBD

Valerie Morkevicius on Cybernetics and the Soul



Informal Interest Group Discussion: The Duties and Tensions of Military Chaplains

Chair: Michael Duffey



1800                       Night in Old Town San Diego


Friday 29 January

0800                       Stockdale seminar on Ethics Instruction, George Lucas, Executive Classroom 102