"IG IP" *



Base X has just received an "outstanding" on its operational readiness inspection. Captain "Birch" is an instructor pilot (IP) at Base X, and even though he is very young, Birch is chosen to fly the inspector general (IG) and his team back to major command headquarters at Base Y. This is quite an honor and a big vote of confidence from Birchís commander.

The IG is an imposing, Ďtake chargeí kind of a guy, and he assumes full control of the aircraft for the flight back to Base Y. It is for that reason that Captain Birch is on board¾ a general officer may fly an aircraft only when accompanied by an IP detailed for the purpose.

The trip to Base Y goes smoothly until just before the descent. Thatís when the IG makes an announcement to Birch.

"Iím going to go in low, buzz the tower then pull a tight closed pattern for a full stop landing. That oughta let Ďem know weíre home!"

"Excuse me, General," the IP stammers, "but that isnít the safest way to approach the base, especially with passengers on board. It also violates several federal aviation regulations."

The General turns to look Birch in the eye: "Iíll fly it as briefed, Captain."