You are the sponsor for a new lieutenant selected for assignment to your unit. Although his orders read that he must report not later than 1 June, he informally requests that he be allowed to take some leave in early June to be married—a big church wedding that is already scheduled for 5 June. For mission reasons, your unit commander regretfully denies the request. Later, you find out and report to the commander that the lieutenant and his civilian fiancée have managed to reschedule the wedding for 15 May, which is well before his scheduled reporting date.

In early April, the lieutenant visits your base on a house-hunting trip. The commander learns from you that his fiancée is accompanying him on this trip, that the wedding is still scheduled for May, and that they are sharing a room at the base temporary living facility.

The commander has faith in the character of the lieutenant, whom he knew from a previous assignment, yet these seem to be the facts, and he is troubled by them. The commander personally believes sex outside of marriage is wrong and wants you to take appropriate action now.