You work in a wing headquarters office, along with 14 other people (8 civil servants, 7 uniformed personnel). All of you have more than 5 years experience in the Air Force (in some cases, considerably more). The youngest among you is 32, and the oldest is 47. You work extremely well as a team, and last year your office received an award for being the best of its kind in the Air Force.

One week ago, a new director was assigned to your office. She is a 26-year-old captain who pinned on her rank 3 days after arriving at your location. Today is your first staff meeting with her. After everyone else is seated, she enters the room, walks to the head of the table, and says the following:

"I want you to know how happy and excited I am to be here.

For the past few days Iíve been digging through the office archives, and I can see your last director left much to be desired. Routine reports either werenít written or werenít properly filed, and your area is a mess.

Please donít worry. I am ready, able, and eager to pull this place together. The Academy taught me everything I need to know, and I will gladly share that knowledge with you.

I expect your complete cooperation."

Having made this speech, she does an immediate about-face turn and leaves the room.