The National Defense University, Ft. McNair, Washington, DC


Thursday, 30 January 1997 (DeWitt Auditorium)

0720 Bus departs the Channel Inn Hotel for NDU

0800-0805 Welcome
Lieutenant General Ervin J. Rokke
President, National Defense University

0805-0845 Keynote Address
General Charles C. Krulak, Commandant, United States Marine Corps (scheduled, but unable to attend. Will be represented by another official TBA)

0845-0920 Paper: The Applicability of the Laws of War to Peacekeeping Operations
Dr. Antje Mays, The Citadel
Chair: COL Charles R. Myers, USAF

0920-1000 Paper: The Applicability of the Laws of War to Peacekeeping
Dr. Thomas Baines, Argonne National Laboratory
Chair: COL Charles R. Myers, USAF

1000-1020 Break

1020-1105 Paper: American Forces Under Supranational Control: The Ethical Issues
Manuel Davenport, Texas A & M University
Chair: LTC Jeffrey Zink, USAF

1105-1150 Paper: Srebrenica: Problems of Participation in NATO/UN Operations
Capt Peter S. Bowen, USMC, NROTC Duke University
Chair: CDR Richard Stewart, USN

1150-1330 Lunch Break

1330-1415 Paper: Guerrilla Warfare: When Taking Care of Your Troops Leads to War Crimes
Dr. Davida Kellogg, University of Maine
Chair: LTC Robert Benn, Canadian Forces

1415-1500 Paper: The Exercise of Military Judgment: The Virtues and Vices of General Douglas MacArthur
David W. Lutz, University of St. Thomas
Chair: LtCol William Kellner, USMC

1500-1515 Break

1515-1600 Paper: Setting Our Weapons To Stun: The Ethics of Nonlethal Combat
Gordon L. Campbell, United States Army Logistics Management College
Chair: CDR Richard Stewart, USN

1600-1700 Meeting of the Executive Board
(Other conferees at leisure)

1730-1815 Social Hour, Fort McNair Officers' Club

1815-1915 Dinner, Fort McNair Officers' Club

1930-2030 After-Dinner Address: COL(P) James M. Dubik, Executive Officer, CSA
Ethical Complexities in a Multi-National Environment

2045 Bus departs Officers' Club for the Channel Inn Hotel

Friday, 31 January 1997 (DeWitt Auditorium)

0720 Bus departs Channel Inn Hotel for NDU

0800-0930 Panel: Commander Self-Care
COL Gregory Belensky, Dr. Faris Kirkland, Dr. Jonathan Shay, COL Thomas Jones
Moderator: COL Tony Hartle, USA

0930-0950 Break

0950-1035 Paper: Senior Leader Ethics: A Sword, Not a Shield
LTC D. Chris Osborne, Indiana Air National Guard
Chair: LTC Jeffrey Zink, USAF

1035-1145 JSCOPE Business Meeting
Agenda: Elections to the Executive Board (Air Force Representative); Theme for 1997

1145-1315 Lunch Break

1315-1400 Army Values and Character Development

LTC Timothy Challans and MAJ Thomas Rauch, Center for Army Leadership

Chair: Dr. Francis Harbour

1400-1445 Paper: Value Usage Exercise: How Personal Value Systems Link to Institutional Core Values
Dr. David L. Mefford and Vera M. Mefford, M.A., Value Axces, presented with CPT Jawn Sischo
Chair: LTC Jeffrey Zink

1445-1500 Closing Remarks
COL Tony Hartle, USAF

1500 1997 Conference closes